Clayton Trailer (U567)

2 x Stainless Steel Tankers

Vehicle Description
2016/2017 Clayton TCL Stainless Steel Tankers available these have stainless-steel atmospheric product barrels with a maximum tank capacity of 35,000 litres, refurbed in 2016 & 2017 with new Stainless Steel chassis's, BPW axles, wiring, ECU unit and air lines. Fitted with one inlet/outlet fitted with a 4” and 3” TODO valve and they have pneumatic foot valves operated by a button in the rear control boxes. These tankers have a vapour recovery system using a 2” BSP male fitting to attach to the recovery hose on site. They are all non-ADR due to the barrel ages being registered under Old UK tank regs. This means they can carry ADR liquids but does not have to have an ADR test annually. All of the trailers are however fitted out with ADR equipment, i.e., fire extinguisher, spill kit, wheel chocks etc. They have three baffles fitted but are single compartment tankers with four manlids for tank entry/washing. All the tankers are fitted with a Bayham level gauge which has a float system inside the tank. As the liquid rises so does the float which moves the gauge needle to indicate fluid levels. The tankers underwent a 4-bar tank test in 2019/ 2020 which expires in 2022 / 2023 Priced at £27,000